Program Outcomes

The METU Bachelor in Industrial Design program aims students to have acquired the following knowledge, skills and behaviours as they graduate:

  1. Creative problem defining and solving.
  2. Planning and managing the design process.
  3. Presenting and conveying design solutions orally, in written and visually (2D and 3D).
  4. Planning, managing and evaluating the results of design-focused research.
  5. Contributing to the design of products in order to raise the life quality of the society.
  6. Generating and applying knowledge to serve sustainable production and life.
  7. Competency in intellectual and industrial property rights.
  8. Awareness of and sensitivity towards societal, institutional, individual and contextual differences.
  9. Awarenes of social and cultural facts and continuous change.
  10. Competency in economic, industrial and technological developments.
  11. Continuous development of professional knowledge, skills and approaches.
  12. Competency in the processes and actions in professional life.
  13. Adaptation to the different working environments and processes that the profession necessitates, and contributing to the development and improvement of these environments.
  14. Ability in working within teams.
  15. Giving importance to interdisciplinary interactions.


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