Program Outcomes

The METU PhD in Industrial Design program aims for its graduates to acquire the following knowledge, skills and behaviours:

  1. Having general and expert knowledge on the discipline of industrial design; contributing to the field with research and generated knowledge;
  2. Confident, critical, objective and curious within their field of competence;
  3. Having skills in independently proposing, planning and managing research process, analysing data and processing findings, for complicated problems;
  4. Respecting and practicing research ethics, and acknowledging various research being conducted and diverse fields of expertise;
  5. Identifying distinct and contemporary research topics; processing research findings in order to make use of them academically and in design practice;
  6. Being able to critically evaluate the field literature; being able to relate research findings within the literature;
  7. Being able to transfer research findings and acquired expertise into their field and career;
  8. Giving importance to the dissemination of generated knowledge; ability in producing publications;
  9. Positively contributing to the institutions in which they work, in terms of education and research;
  10. Having the capability to carry out education in the field;
  11. Being able to comprehend an academic work in its details; being able to carry out knowledgable and comprehensive discussions on the topic;  
  12. Having skills in academic writing, and in oral, written and visual presentation;
  13. Having skills in time planning and process management;
  14. Synthesising knowledge, theories and methods of different disciplines and research areas, and using them in one’s own field;
  15. Transforming field knowledge and research results into theories, strategies, politics, methods and/or decisions.

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21/09/2022 - 23:59