Program Educational Objectives

  • Coming from differing backgrounds and raised in an educational setting aiming for novelty, as creative and trustworthy design researchers, our graduates make change aspired and adopted, working in industries that develop products and technologies and carry out industrial design activities, in manufacturing industries, in public and private institutions, in non-governmental organizations and in institutions for design education, as managers, educators, researchers and consultants.
  • Our graduates found their own design consultancies and provide services in various areas of design research, product development and technology development.
  • With their qualities as academics and educators, our graduates secure positions as members of academic staff for design education and research in universities in Turkey and internationally.
  • Our graduates collaborate with national and international research institutions for the generation of knowledge, project development, post-doctoral research, exchange programs and raising educators in the field of design.
  • Our graduates stand out in the areas of planning and conducting research, evaluating research results and dissemination of the generated knowledge in the areas of design education, research and practice, in Turkey and internationally.
  • Our graduates contribute to the field by reflecting their research outcomes on design education, by generating approaches and methods for design education and by putting research findings into practice.

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