METU Education

Information Systems Non-Thesis M.S. Program

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, the graduates of non-thesis Master of Science program will have the following knowledge, skills and behaviors:

  1. leads and manages information system application projects.
  2. has knowledge on analysis, design, implementation, and management of information systems; uses related principles, methods, and tools .
  3. has wide knowledge of the basic concepts on information systems and technology including analysis and modelling methodologies.
  4. knows the recent techniques and methods applied in the information technology and informatics; knows their impact and results and use them in her studies.
  5. identifies problems and the underlying causes in their area of expertise, interprets and reviews the existing strategies and practices, develops methods to solve the problem, evaluates the results in line with objectives.
  6. develops innovative solutions in the design of IT applications, processes, and systems.
  7. conducts experimental and applied research; solves the complex situations encountered in during the process, evaluates and uses the information.
  8. follows academic literature on information systems and technologies; performs critical analysis of the information.
  9. analyzes recent technical development and applications, evaluates them and leads learning objectives.
  10. works effectively both independently and in multi-disciplinary teams as a team member or leader.
  11. pays attention to ethical values and applies them at her professional and scientific studies.
  12. presents the recent developments in the field and their work, by supporting with qualitative and quantitative data effectively in written and spoken English and Turkish.